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Issue 31 (Cover story: Groups across Alabama Demand True Leadership at ADEM and AEMC)

Issue 30 (Cover story: Alabama Sewage Rules Significantly Improve Thanks to Waterkeepers)

Issue 29 (Cover story: Progress Begins on Public Notification of Sewage Spills)

Issue 28 (Cover story: Alabama Citizens Win through Black Warrior Riverkeeper Coal Lawsuit)

Issue 27 (Cover story: Fish Kill at Gorgas and Sewer Spill at Northport: Citizens Demand Answers)

Issue 26 (Cover story: Black Warrior Riverkeeper helps Scientists Find Rare Crayfish Species)

Issue 25 (Cover story: Successful Settlement in Shannon Mine Water Pollution Lawsuit)

Issue 24 (Cover story: Successful Settlement in Donaldson Prison Sewage Lawsuit)

Issue 23 (Cover story: Top Scientists Join Our Opposition to the Proposed Shepherd Bend Mine)

Issue 22 (Cover story: Lawsuit Challenges Flawed Permit for $5,445,000,000 Northern Beltline)

Issue 21 (Cover story: America’s Most Endangered Rivers Highlights Shepherd Bend Mine Threat)

Issue 20 (Cover story: Anniversaries: BWRk’s 10th and Clean Water Act’s 40th)

Issue 19 (Cover story: Two Waterkeeepers Sue Fleetwood Mine in Tuscaloosa)

Issue 18 (Cover story: The Black Warrior Joins America’s Most Endangered Rivers)

Issue 17 (Cover story: Shepherd Bend Mine Proposal’s Opposition Continues)

Issue 16 (Cover story: Birmingham Airport Authority Fulfills Case Requirements)

Issue 15 (Cover story: 3,200 Acres on Locust Fork Nominated to Forever Wild)

Issue 14 (Cover story: Court Upholds Citizen Enforcement of Clean Water Act)

Issue 13 (Cover story: “Save the Black Warrior” Campaign with SweetWater)

Issue 12 (Cover story: Biodiesel Settlement Protects Two Endangered Species)

Issue 11 (Cover story: Shepherd Bend Mine: A Threat to Birmingham’s Water)

Issue 10 (Cover story: Black Warrior Riverkeeper Adds Boat to Patrol Program)

Issue 9 (Cover story: Riverkeeper Water Sampling & Laboratory Analysis)

Issue 8 (Cover story: Umicore Pollutes Jasper & Birmingham’s Drinking Water)

Issue 7 (Cover story: Riverkeeper Tackles Major Stormwater Violations)

Issue 6 (Cover story: ADEM Favors Coal Mining Over Water Quality)

Issue 5 (Cover story: Black Warrior Riverkeeper Turns Five!)

Issue 4 (Cover story: Sewage in the Black Warrior River Watershed)

Issue 3 (Cover story: Sewage in Moundville)

Issue 2 (Cover story: Mercury in the Black Warrior)

Issue 1 (Cover story: Black Warrior Riverkeeper Grows)

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