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Veterans Day 2023 | 11/17/2023

Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s Tribute to Veterans Day 2023 By Mary Allen Murray, AmeriCorps Member, Black Warrior Riverkeeper Black Warrior Riverkeeper hosted a cleanup on Veterans Day 2023 in Holt, Alabama, in the heart of Tuscaloosa County. In order to celebrate our veterans, the community came together, despite rainy conditions, and […]


2023 Report and Call to Action | 11/09/2023

Dear Black Warrior Riverkeeper supporters, This has been a hectic year at Black Warrior Riverkeeper for a wonderful reason. We have been so productive in our fight for cleaner water that we are publishing positive updates more frequently than ever! Thanks to the support of members (donors and volunteers) like […]


Mary Allen Murray joins our team | 10/26/2023

Mary Allen Murray joins our team Welcome Mary Allen Murray, Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s new AmeriCorps member! From November 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024, Mary Allen will help Katie Holmes and Charles Scribner expand Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s volunteer engagement, litter cleanups, and outreach across the Black Warrior River basin. You can reach her at [email protected] or by calling our office: 205-458-0095. […]


An Interview with Tia’Dra Tucker | 10/16/2023

An Interview with Tia’Dra Tucker, Birmingham City Council By Rosey White, AmeriCorps Member, Black Warrior Riverkeeper Collaboration with community leaders in the 17-county Black Warrior River watershed is crucial to the work we do, especially when it comes to our Volunteer Litter Cleanups. Tia’Dra Tucker is the Office Administrator for […]


Southern Exposure in JCLC 2023 | 10/11/2023

New Southern Exposure DVDs donated to all 40 Jefferson County Library locations For Immediate Release: October 11, 2023 Contact: Tobin Cataldo, executive director, Jefferson County Library Cooperative: [email protected], (205) 226-3615 Cindy Lowry, executive director, Alabama Rivers Alliance: [email protected], (205) 322-6395 Charles Scribner, executive director, Black Warrior Riverkeeper: [email protected], (205) 458-0095 […]

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Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect and restore the Black Warrior River and its tributaries. We are a citizen-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting clean water for the sake of public health, recreation, and wildlife habitat throughout our patrol area, the Black Warrior River watershed. This vital river basin is entirely contained within Alabama, America’s leading state for freshwater biodiversity.

Patrolling waterways, educating the public, and holding polluters accountable has made us an important proponent of clean water throughout the basin. Our staff identifies and addresses pollution problems while increasing public awareness. We are a proud member of Waterkeeper Alliance. Please contact us to report pollution and to inquire about volunteer projects, donations, educational presentations, or public events.

The Black Warrior River drains parts of 17 Alabama counties. The area the river drains, its watershed, covers 6,276 square miles in Alabama and measures roughly 300 miles from top to bottom. The Black Warrior River watershed is home to over 1 million residents and contains 16,145.89 miles of mapped streams. Its headwaters consist of the Sipsey, Mulberry, and Locust Forks. Once these rivers merge west of Birmingham, the Black Warrior River proper forms the border of Jefferson and Walker counties. Near Tuscaloosa, the river flows out of the rocky Cumberland Plateau and enters the sandy East Gulf Coastal Plain, forming the border of Greene and Hale counties in the Black Belt. At Demopolis the Black Warrior flows into the Tombigbee River towards Mobile Bay.

Black Warrior River Basin