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The first Riverkeeper patrol boat was launched by military veterans and fishermen who mobilized in 1966 to challenge polluters on the Hudson River. That Riverkeeper’s contribution to the Hudson’s amazing recovery has inspired the growth of over 350 autonomous “Waterkeeper” organizations across the world. Waterkeepers patrol waterways, respond to citizen complaints, and enforce environmental laws.

Waterkeeper Alliance was founded in 1999 to connect and support local Waterkeeper organizations, each of which is an independent organization protecting its waterway and community. Waterkeeper Alliance offers legal, scientific, and capacity-building advice, provides networking opportunities, and often advocates for issues common to multiple local Waterkeepers. To view the entire list of Waterkeeper programs worldwide, visit www.waterkeeper.org.

On September 25, 2001, Waterkeeper Alliance approved Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s membership application by Roger Conville and David Whiteside.  Black Warrior Riverkeeper became the 72nd Waterkeeper program. Our staff Waterkeeper is Nelson Brooke, Riverkeeper.

In 2018, Waterkeepers across Alabama formed Waterkeepers Alabama, which launched an interactive map in 2020.

To read the History of Waterkeeper Alliance by Charles Scribner (Executive Director, Black Warrior Riverkeeper) click here: blackwarriorriver.org/library/History_Waterkeeper_Alliance.pdf

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