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Thank You 2023 Volunteers | 02/27/2024

Thank You 2023 Volunteers 667 volunteers donated 3,329 service hours through Black Warrior Riverkeeper in 2023! According to The Independent Sector, the most recent estimated national dollar value of volunteer time is $31.80 per hour. Multiplied by $31.80, our volunteers’ 3,329 hours in 2023 represented a contribution of $105,862.20 to […]


Support the SHOR Act | 02/07/2024

Support the Safe and Healthy Recreation Act (HB14 / SB45) Conservation groups across Alabama are working together to ensure anglers are better informed about fish consumption advisories in our rivers, streams, creeks, and bays by supporting HB14 / SB45, the Safe and Healthy Outdoor Recreation Act (the SHOR Act), introduced […]


Stop Tuscaloosa’s Sewage Spills | 01/19/2024

Take Action: Stop Tuscaloosa’s Chronic Sewage Spills Black Warrior Riverkeeper and the Friends of Hurricane Creek have started a petition on Action Network telling Mayor Walt Maddox and the City Council of Tuscaloosa to Stop Tuscaloosa’s chronic sewage spills. The city of Tuscaloosa’s sewage system chronically overflows harmful sewage and […]


MLK Day of Service 2024 | 01/19/2024

Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s MLK Day of Service 2024 By Mary Allen Murray, AmeriCorps Member, Black Warrior Riverkeeper “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a […]


How to Help Us Protect Your Water | 12/21/2023

Dear Black Warrior Riverkeeper supporters, During this time of year when many organizations are asking for contributions, we are grateful to anyone who assists Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s continued success by choosing to make a donation. Still, we understand that many folks want to promote clean water but are not in […]

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