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Move That Coal Ash | 01/15/2020

Tell Alabama Power to Move their Coal Ash TAKE ACTION! Click here and tell Alabama Power to move their coal ash! Coal ash is the toxic waste that remains after coal is burned to product electricity.  It contains high concentrations of heavy metals including mercury, arsenic, selenium, chromium, and radium, […]


Thankful for You | 11/25/2019

Dear Black Warrior Riverkeeper supporters, Although society is increasingly plagued by division, there is an essential element that can unite us: water.  When I begin my frequent presentations to groups of vastly varying backgrounds, ages, and interests, I ask audience members to raise their hands if they need clean water […]


Live Nation Recycling Fundraiser | 11/21/2019

Live Nation Recycling Fundraiser Over the years, Oak Mountain Amphitheatre has recognized Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s efforts to protect the Black Warrior River watershed for the sake of public health, recreation and wildlife. We are incredibly proud to announce that the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, a Live Nation Concerts venue, will donate all funds acquired from […]


Tyson Fish Kill | 10/22/2019

Tyson Fish Kill Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s 10/22/19 update: We have been regularly checking ADEM’s website since our 9/9/19 update, including today, and there is no new information regarding ADEM’s investigation, findings, or enforcement. Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s 9/9/19 update: Riverkeeper Nelson Brooke created a Google map showing ADEM’s 6/6-13 river survey and […]


Fish Consumption Warnings for 2019 | 08/23/2019

Alabama Fish Consumption Warnings for 2019 This summer, the Alabama Department of Public Health released its annual fish consumption advisories, which highlight the state’s recommended limits on the consumption of different types of fish found in Alabama’s rivers and streams. 132 advisories were issued across 98 waterbodies in Alabama. 12 […]

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