Alabama Coal Ash Program Denied

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EPA Finalizes Denial of Alabama’s Coal Ash Permitting Program

“The Environmental Protection Agency has denied Alabama’s coal ash regulatory program. Luckily the EPA has the brass to stand up for what is right, because clearly our lapdog state agency, ADEM, is not up to the task. ADEM has been so busy rubber stamping Alabama Power’s plans to leave tens of millions of tons of toxic coal ash waste in leaking, unlined pits by rivers at each power plant across the state that they failed to see it was clearly the wrong plan for protecting rivers, people, wildlife, and our collective future. Allowing contamination of groundwater and rivers to continue for decades was always a non-starter. This program denial is a positive step toward proper cleanup of toxic coal ash waste at all 3 power plants in the Black Warrior River basin: Miller Steam Plant (pictured), Gorgas Steam Plant, and Greene County Steam Plant. Kudos to all of our partners who have been pushing for what is right and to everyone who submitted comments along the way. Our voices were heard. Since Alabama Power didn’t do what was right on its own, they have been put on notice. Instead of seeking more rate increases with the PSC, Alabama Power and its shareholders should have to foot the bill for this massive cleanup. Alabama ratepayers have already paid too much for this boondoggle.” -Nelson Brooke, Riverkeeper, May 24, 2024.

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