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Our staff relies heavily on the dedication of our many volunteers. Please see the list below and let us know which project(s) you would like to lend a hand. We can also look into customizing a project that best fits your interests and skills. To sign up for a project or create one please email or call Charles Scribner at [email protected] or (205) 458-0095. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions. 

Action Alert Response Team
Volunteers will pledge to follow up quickly on all “Action Alert” emails that we send (ex. signing petitions, calling public officials).

Cleanups Team
Volunteers will attend cleanups advertised by Black Warrior Riverkeeper, and/or set up their own cleanup(s). Whether the cleanup is for a solo endeavor or community-wide, every little bit helps!

Data Entry Team
Volunteers will receive lists of people we hope to contact about events or pollution issues. Volunteers will type names, addresses, emails and other information from these lists into Microsoft Access or Excel databases.

Media Team
Volunteers will review online news sites, television news, magazines, newspapers regularly for news relevant to the Black Warrior River basin. Volunteers will then write that media outlet a letter or opinion piece about that news, supporting a healthier watershed. 

Outreach Team
Volunteers will spread the word about various Black Warrior Riverkeeper issues and events on social media and in-person, help recruit new members/volunteers, and find relevant events for Black Warrior Riverkeeper tables/sponsorship/speeches.

Research Team
Volunteers will research or document various pollution problems in the Black Warrior watershed.  Volunteers reviewing polluters’ Discharge Monitoring Reports will be on the front lines of identifying pollution issues.

To sign up for a project or create one please email or call Charles Scribner at [email protected] or (205) 458-0095.  Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

The “Dollar Value” of Volunteering: According to The Independent Sector, the most recent estimated national dollar value of volunteer time is $27.20 per hour.  167 volunteers donated 3,950 service hours through Black Warrior Riverkeeper in 2020! Multiplied by $27.20, our volunteers’ 3,950 hours in 2020 represented a contribution of $108,832 to the community!

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