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Media Team

Purpose: This position helps Black Warrior Riverkeeper advocate for environmental policies and compliance with environmental laws, as well as spread the word about Black Warrior Riverkeeper and the work we do.

Tasks & Responsibilities: Volunteers will review online news sites, television news, magazines, newspapers regularly for news relevant to the Black Warrior River basin. After finding a relevant story, volunteers will write a personal letter about that news, in support of a cleaner, healthier Black Warrior River watershed. For some talking points and background information about a variety of Black Warrior River watershed issues, we suggest you review relevant sections of our website: Volunteers will send their letter to the media outlet’s editor for possible publication, following the length and submission directions relayed by each editor. Volunteers will send the letter on behalf of themself as a concerned citizen, not on behalf of Black Warrior Riverkeeper.

Required/Preferred Skills: Strong writing and communication skills.

Time Commitment: Self-paced

Site & Supervision: This work will be performed independently and remotely.

Volunteer Benefits: This position offers volunteers experience in effective communication, research, and a chance to become more involved in environmental issues affecting the watershed.

Contact: For more information, contact Charles Scribner, Executive Director, at [email protected] or (205) 458-0095. For our digital monthly Volunteer Newsletters, visit We also maintain a permanent eventbrite page listing public volunteer events where registration is required.

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