Endangered Species

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There are 11 federally listed endangered species of aquatic animals in the Black Warrior River watershed, and many more that are federally listed as threatened.

There are 4 endangered fish: Cahaba shiner (Notropis cahabae), rush darter (Etheostoma phytophilum), vermilion darter (Etheostoma chermocki), and watercress darter (Etheostoma nuchale).

There is one endangered snail: plicate rocksnail (Leptoxis plicata), and one endangered amphibian, the Black Warrior waterdog (Necturus alabamensis).

There are five endangered species of mussels: dark pigtoe (Pleurobema furvum), ovate clubshell (Pleurobema perovatum), southern clubshell (Pleurobema decisum), southern combshell (Epioblasma penita), and triangular kidneyshell (Ptychobranchus greenii)

Among the many threatened animals in the watershed, there is a threatened reptile, the flattened musk turtle (Sternotherus depressus).

For more information about the threatened and endangered plants and animals of Alabama, visit: https://www.outdooralabama.com/nongame-wildlife-species-projects/endangered-and-threatened-species


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