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New Alabama Coal Ash Website | 03/26/2020

Regional Alliance of Environmental Advocates Launches Alabama Coal Ash Website For Immediate Release: March 25, 2020 Contact: Nelson Brooke, Riverkeeper, Black Warrior Riverkeeper: [email protected] Alabama – A united network of environmental nonprofits have taken a stand against Alabama utilities’ plans to cap-in-place toxic coal ash on the banks of Alabama’s […]


COVID-19 Update: How You Can Help | 03/19/2020

COVID-19 Update: How You Can Help March 19, 2020 Dear Black Warrior Riverkeeper supporters, I hope this note finds all of you well.  During my March 13 Covid-19 update, I mostly focused on what our staff would be doing while the pandemic develops locally.  Today I will relay what you […]


COVID-19 and AirWave | 03/13/2020

COVID-19 Statement and AirWave Postponement March 13, 2020 Dear Riverkeeper supporters, Facing uncertainty and concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Warrior Riverkeeper, Cahaba Riverkeeper, and Coosa Riverkeeper have made the decision to postpone AirWave, which was scheduled for March 21. We will monitor the pandemic’s local developments and work with […]


AirWave 2020 | 02/25/2020

AirWave Benefits 3 Waterkeepers March 21 at Good People   UPDATE 3/13/20: AirWave is postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.  Full statement here:  For Immediate Release: February 25, 2020 Contact: Dan Morriss, Executive Producer, Morriss Entertainment: 205-612-1215, [email protected] Charles Scribner, Executive Director, Black Warrior Riverkeeper: 205-458-0095, [email protected] Myra Crawford, Executive […]


Waterkeepers Alabama Launches Website | 02/13/2020

Waterkeepers Alabama Launches Website and Interactive Map For Immediate Release: February 13, 2020 Contact: Charles Scribner, President, Waterkeepers Alabama: [email protected], (205) 458-0095 David Butler, Vice President, Waterkeepers Alabama: [email protected], (205) 874-5623 Alabama — Waterkeepers Alabama, a new coalition of Waterkeeper organizations protecting watersheds across Alabama, has launched its website.  The […]

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Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect and restore the Black Warrior River and its tributaries. We are a citizen-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting clean water for the sake of public health, recreation, and wildlife habitat throughout our patrol area, the Black Warrior River watershed. This vital river basin is entirely contained within Alabama, America’s leading state for freshwater biodiversity.

Patrolling waterways, educating the public, and holding polluters accountable has made us an important proponent of clean water throughout the basin. Our staff identifies and addresses pollution problems while increasing public awareness. We are a proud member of Waterkeeper Alliance. Please contact us to report pollution and to inquire about volunteer projects, donations, educational presentations, or public events.

The Black Warrior River drains parts of 17 Alabama counties. The area the river drains, its watershed, covers 6,276 square miles in Alabama and measures roughly 300 miles from top to bottom. The Black Warrior River watershed is home to over 1 million residents and contains 16,145.89 miles of mapped streams. Its headwaters consist of the Sipsey, Mulberry, and Locust Forks. Once these rivers merge west of Birmingham, the Black Warrior River proper forms the border of Jefferson and Walker counties. Near Tuscaloosa, the river flows out of the rocky Cumberland Plateau and enters the sandy East Gulf Coastal Plain, forming the border of Greene and Hale counties in the Black Belt. At Demopolis the Black Warrior flows into the Tombigbee River towards Mobile Bay.

Black Warrior River Basin