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Research Team

Purpose: This position helps Black Warrior Riverkeeper document various pollution problems in the Black Warrior watershed.  Volunteers reviewing polluters’ Discharge Monitoring Reports will be on the front lines of identifying pollution issues.

Tasks & Responsibilities: Some volunteers will review polluters’ Discharge Monitoring Reports to catalogue the nature and number of polluters’ violations.  Other volunteers will provide research assistance for our staff attorney or staff scientist on a variety of pollution problems.

Required/Preferred Skills: Strong research skills and attention to details.

Time Commitment: Ad hoc basis

Site & Supervision: This work can be performed independently and remotely, while other projects related to it may be done in our office with staff assistance.

Volunteer Benefits: This position offers volunteers experience in research and a chance to learn more about the watershed.

Contact: For more information, contact Charles Scribner, Executive Director, at [email protected] or (205) 458-0095. For our digital monthly Volunteer Newsletters, visit We also maintain a permanent eventbrite page listing public volunteer events where registration is required.

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