COVID-19 and AirWave

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COVID-19 Statement and AirWave Postponement

March 13, 2020

Dear Riverkeeper supporters,

Facing uncertainty and concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Warrior Riverkeeper, Cahaba Riverkeeper, and Coosa Riverkeeper have made the decision to postpone AirWave, which was scheduled for March 21. We will monitor the pandemic’s local developments and work with our gracious hosts at Good People Brewing Company to find a responsible date for rescheduling.

AirWave is a very popular event each year, with many supporters, musicians, vendors, and sponsors travelling from far and near to celebrate and assist our clean water advocacy. Acknowledging that many guests will be at higher risk, or work and live with family members at higher risk, we decided not to increase the odds of potential problems by hosting a big event at this time.

Public health is a major focus of our efforts for cleaner water, and we must prioritize public health when considering our large gatherings as well. COVID-19 is clearly a public health issue that we take seriously, both as professionals and as members of families. Still, let us be clear to the public — and polluters — that we will not neglect our work on another public health problem, one that always transcends any current events: pollution.

While we may have to consider postponing some future public gatherings, and we may move some of our work and meetings to digital settings, we remain firmly dedicated to our members and the people of our communities. Rest assured that our work continues.

Professionally and personally, we hope you are following health officials’ guidance to keep you and your community safe by limiting direct contact with others, ensuring you thoroughly wash your hands regularly, and staying isolated if you have any signs of fever or illness. Please stay hydrated (yet another reason we protect water) and rested to support your immune system.

We will leave more detailed suggestions to medical experts, but please know how much we care about you and your families — now and always. Thank you for your support.

For Clean Water and Healthy Communities,

Charles Scribner
Executive Director
Black Warrior Riverkeeper

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