Forever Wild Under Attack Again

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Take Action: Forever Wild is Under Attack Again

Tell your state legislators today to vote NO on HB 502:

Legislators are once again attempting to dismantle Alabama’s Forever Wild Land Trust program. HB 502 proposes a constitutional amendment that would require the Forever Wild Land Trust to pay counties for any lost ad valorem taxes on lands purchased through the program. It also does not specify how these tax payments are calculated, allowing counties to determine how much is owed.

HB 502 starts the clock on the end of future Forever Wild purchases. With each additional acquisition, more taxes are owed, and less funding is available to purchase additional lands for public hunting, fishing, and recreation.

There is a misconception that Forever Wild has a special provision exempting it from ad valorem taxes. Forever Wild is not alone. In fact, all state-owned lands are exempt from ad valorem taxes – from the Governor’s Mansion and State House to lands in the state-owned university system. HB 502 unfairly targets Alabama’s Forever Wild program, which provides valuable economic and outdoor benefits to our state.

The voters have spoken – Alabamians support public lands for hunting, fishing, and recreation. How many times do we have to tell our elected officials to keep Alabama Forever Wild? Please tell them again:


In 2012, Alabama’s Forever Wild Land Trust program was renewed for another 20 years by an overwhelming majority – 75% of the vote. Forever Wild purchases and maintains public lands so that all Alabamians can hunt, hike, and enjoy the pristine, undeveloped natural beauty of our state. A recent Return on Investment study shows that for every $1 invested to purchase lands, $5 is returned to the state.

Black Warrior Riverkeeper is grateful for the work Forever Wild has done to secure public lands for outdoor recreation, fishing, and hunting, the ecological integrity of Alabama’s landscape, and the flow of outdoor recreation and tourism dollars to local communities. Forever Wild properties in the Black Warrior River basin include the Turkey Creek Tract (462 acres), Turkey Creek-Thomas Tract (48 acres), Ruffner Mountain Addition Tract (227 acres), Mulberry Fork Wildlife Management Area (33,280 acres), and M. Barnett Lawley Forever Wild Field Trial Area (3,342 acres).

Forever Wild tracts in the Black Warrior River watershed.

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