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Kenya L. Goodson, Ph.D.

Using scientific skills to serve the community by educating the public and influencing public policy has always been the professional goal of Dr. Kenya L. Goodson.  Kenya is a native of West End Tuscaloosa, living in close proximity to the Black Warrior River. She has nine years of experience in wastewater and stormwater quality and environmental regulation. Kenya has worked for the State of Alabama as a Public Health Environmentalist, inspecting onsite sewage disposal systems in Tuscaloosa County.  Her work in the rural community of Tuscaloosa inspired her to pursue a career in environmental engineering that focused on science policy and developing solutions to systemic concerns in environmental health.

Kenya obtained her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from The University of Alabama. Her dissertation research at UA focused on the effect of important chemicals of concern, such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products, in wastewater during stormwater events.  As an environmental consultant in the District of Columbia, Kenya had the opportunity to work on a major stormwater implementation plan to reduce major stormwater pollutants from three of DC’s watersheds.

Kenya currently serves the University of Montevallo as an adjunct professor and as a science instructor at Stillman College in the UPWARD BOUND program in the Education Support Services or TRIO. She has also taught organic chemistry and environmental science at Stillman College and Brightwood College as an adjunct instructor, respectively.  Kenya also serves as a co-liaison for the Kudzu Coalition of West Alabama’s Environmental and Sustainability group.  She spends her time serving the community, discussing politics, networking, and fellowshipping with good friends.

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