MySpace/Paypal fundraising widget for Riverkeeper

Become a Member, the world’s most visited website, and, the worldwide leader in secure online payments, have teamed up to launch a new fundraising widget to support select charities. Black Warrior Riverkeeper is one of 23 national non-profits and major presidential candidates chosen to use this new technology! If you use, here is how you can help:

**Widget instructions – Please paste our new fundraising widget on your profile:
1. Go to our page, find the fundraising badge on the top right.
2. Click “add to profile,” then click copy to clipboard.
3. Then you have to paste the code that was just copied to your clipboard back into your myspace site (in the “edit profile” section. Paste the code wherever you want the badge to appear on your profile.

Let us know if you add it! Then please either donate or get 2-3 friends to install the badge from the one on Your site.

For info about Riverkeeper’s mission and events, to volunteer or donate to our organization, or purchase eco-friendly merchandise, please check out our website:

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