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Southern Environmental Law Center donates “Southern Exposure” DVDs to Birmingham Public Library


For immediate release Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015

CONTACT: Roy L. Williams, Director of Public Relations, Birmingham Public Library.  Phone: (205) 226-3746, cell (205) 568-0067, E-mail: [email protected]

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama-  The Southern Environmental Law Center and Black Warrior Riverkeeper have partnered to donate to the Birmingham Public Library System (BPL) dozens of Southern Exposure DVDs educating the public about Alabama’s natural resources.

Southern Environmental Law Center has donated 57 DVDs – 2013, 2014 and 2015 editions of each Southern Exposure film, said Charles Scribner, executive director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper. That is enough for each of the BPL’s 19 locations to have a free copy of each edition available for checkout to the public. The public can get more background on the DVD at the Southern Exposure website:

Keith Johnston, managing attorney for the Southern Environmental Law Center’s Birmingham Office, said the organization was honored to donate the DVDs to the Birmingham Public Library as an avenue for educating the public.

“As a vital public resource for our city and state, we are thrilled that the Birmingham Public Library will now house the entire collection of the Southern Exposure films,” Johnston said. “These films highlight our state’s abundance of natural resources as well as the challenges and threats that they face, and the partnership with the Birmingham Public Library will help to continue raising awareness and appreciation for Alabama’s environmental wealth.”

Angela Fisher Hall, director of the Birmingham Public Library, said the 57 DVDs are now available in all 19 BPL locations. She said the BPL is appreciative of the donation, and honored to be a resource to help educate the public about Alabama’s natural resources.

Southern Exposure is a film fellowship program that is actively raising awareness about Alabama’s incredible natural resources and important environmental issues that impact all Alabamians, Scribner said. Now in its fourth year, the innovative summer fellowship brings emerging filmmakers from across the country to tell authentic, engaging stories through short documentary films about Alabama’s environment and the people who cherish it, from the mountains to the coast.

Sponsored by the Southern Environmental Law Center and made possible through the support and partnership with environmental and conservation groups across the state, Southern Exposure fellows have the opportunity to create inspiring, captivating films that give viewers a sense of how much Alabama has to offer and the importance of protecting its resources.

As a result of these poignant stories depicting the triumphs and challenges facing the state, numerous films from past fellowship years have been selected for screening in juried film festivals around the country. Live screenings and online distribution of the films continue to reach a variety of audiences, in Alabama and across the nation, helping Southern Exposure fulfill the mission to spread awareness, appreciation and inspire action on behalf of Alabama’s environment.

Black Warrior Riverkeeper is a nonprofit that aims to protect and restore the Black Warrior River and its surrounding environment. The organization promotes clean water for improved public health, recreation, and wildlife habitat throughout the Black Warrior River watershed. Black Warrior Riverkeeper collaborates frequently with Southern Environmental Law Center on environmental litigation as well as the Southern Exposure films. Learn more at

The Southern Environmental Law Center is a regional nonprofit using the power of the law to protect the health and environment of the Southeast (Virginia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama). Founded in 1986, SELC’s team of nearly 60 legal and  policy  experts represent more than 100 partner groups on issues of climate  change and energy, air and water quality, forests, the coast and  wetlands, transportation, and land use. Get more details at

While live screenings and making the films available online are wonderful, Scribner said partnering with the Birmingham Public Library is an excellent way to make the Southern Exposure films available to many more people, including those who don’t have Internet connections or the ability to attend screenings.

“Anyone can now borrow the DVDs at no cost, whether for personal viewing or to show at a screening they could set up with their friends, family, church, school, or civic organization,” Scribner said. “Because all people need clean water and clean air in order to survive, as well as a healthy and attractive environment in order to thrive economically, I think it is both functionally and symbolically important that these DVDs are available in all Birmingham libraries.”


For additional information about the programs and services of the Birmingham Public Library, visit our website at and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @BPL. The mission of Birmingham Public Library is to provide the highest quality library service to our citizens for life-long learning, cultural enrichment, and enjoyment. This system—with 19 locations and serving the community for 129 years—is one of the largest library systems in the southeast.

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