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Media Coverage (just a small sampling)

Comeback Town: Not the best way to spend $5 Billion on Birmingham (8/21/2023) 

Infrastructure bill winners: Highways conceived decades ago (8/24/2021) 

Northern Beltline or I-20/59 relocation: Which would be a better investment for Birmingham? (5/26/2016)

50 things we could do instead of the Northern Beltline for half a billion less (5/18/2016)

What the Hell is Kakistocracy? (5/15/2016)

Take Politics out of ALDOT (2/18/2016)

Court rejects challenges to $5.4 billion Northern Beltline highway project (1/21/2016)

Court rules in favor of Birmingham’s Flawed Northern Beltline Project (1/20/2016)

Federal cash sustains dream of freeway through Ala. woods (12/23/2015)

Birmingham’s Northern Beltline ranks among nation’s worst road projects (12/11/2015)

Why Alabama’s infrastructure got a C- from the ASCE (12/10/2015)

Alabama project lands at No. 7 on list of nation’s biggest tax boondoggles (12/10/2015)

Who gets rich from the Northern Beltline? (12/1/2015)

The 7th biggest boondoggle in the U.S. is Alabama’s (11/25/2010)

Birmingham’s Northern Beltline boondoggle $ucks: opinion (1/7/2015)

What is as costly as the Keystone Pipeline? It’s Alabama’s biggest boondoggle (1/6/2015)

Long Range Plan for Birmingham Region Would Allocate More than Half of Available Funding for Transportation Improvements to Northern Beltline (11/19/2014)

Northern Beltline construction scheduled to begin (2/20/2014)

More to transportation than simply asphalt and more highways (Opinion from Chervis Isom)

Black Warrior Riverkeeper challenges Northern Beltline permit in federal lawsuit (10/25/2013)

Politics Drives Road Building in Alabama (Letter on (10/11/2013)

The Northern Beltline: Still Not a Done Deal or a Good Idea (10/4/2013)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approves permit for first segment of Northern Beltline (10/1/2013)

New cost estimate puts Northern Beltline price at about 5.45 billion (8/20/2013)

Bachus: Streamline approval process for Northern Beltline, other projects (7/12/2013)

The downtown I-20/59 project deserves state interest (6/18/2013)

Report: Alabama road conditions cost drivers $530M a year in vehicle repairs (3/20/13)
(Alabama road maintenance doesn’t get proper funding because the behemoth Beltline steals the majority of dwindling federal funding.)

Study: Traffic delays last longer, less predictable and affect weekends (2/7/13)
(When ALDOT can’t afford to make substantive changes needed for traffic flow, road maintenance, and safety, the last thing we need is a grossly-overpriced, environmentally-destructive, Northern Beltline which the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham predicted to help traffic flow by a mere 1-3%.)

U.S. keeps building new highways while letting old ones crumble (2/3/2013)

Meet the $4.7 Billion Birmingham Highway Only Cronyism Could Build (1/28/13)

Northern Beltline is too expensive (1/25/13)
Northern Beltline is too expensive_1.25.13

The Northern Beltline and the lost art of debate (11/15/12)

Beltline money could be better spent (10/17/12)

Northern Beltline’s Era has Long Passed (10/8/12)

Northern Beltline proponents blast environmental groups over ALDOT lawsuit (10/1/12)

EPA questions Northern Beltline proposal (9/14/12)

EPA urges Army Corps of Engineers to reject Northern Beltline permit (9/13/12)

ALDOT to benefit from languishing federal earmarks (8/26/12)

EPA wants more study before it issues construction OK for Birmingham Northern Beltline (8/22/12)

Transportation bill eliminates designated source of funding for Northern Beltline, but keeps it on track (7/23/12)

You can be for both business and environment in Alabama (7/19/12)

ALDOT files final permit to begin work on Northern Beltline (7/6/12)

Northern Beltline falls short on economic rewards (7/1/12)

Latest report turns thumbs down on Northern Beltline but not all our commenters agree (6/20/12)

Report says economic benefits of Birmingham’s Northern Beltline exaggerated (6/20/12)

Study questions economic impact of Northern Beltline (6/19/12)

Birmingham Water Works to hire economic development director (5/18/12)

Elevated toll road plan for US 280 still up in the air, Alabama DOT chief says (5/8/12)

Northern Beltline survey saddens residents along path and divides our commenters (5/1/12)

Environmental groups revise lawsuit concerning Birmingham’s Northern Beltline (5/1/12)

Pork money driving Northern Beltline (4/30/12)

Northern Beltline is multimillion-dollar boondoggle (4/28/12)

More discussion needed about Birmingham’s Northern Beltline (4/24/12)

U.S. House Democrats target Northern Beltline as wasteful boondoggle (4/18/12)

Funding for Alabama’s Northern Beltline Uncertain (4/15/12)

Routes for bypassing downtown Birmingham possible, but all come with baggage (4/15/12)

Questions persist as Northern Beltline construction proceeds (4/15/12)

Alabamians love federal pork, especially in form of Northern Beltline ( 4/6/12)

Feds approve Alabama’s environmental evaluation of first leg of Birmingham’s Northern Beltline (3/30/12)

Jefferson County economic development authority seeks more land for development (3/18/12)

Birmingham Business Alliance carrying wish list to Washington, D.C. (3/6/12)

Birmingham Business Alliance to support beltline, NIH funding in 2012 (12/8/11)

Jefferson County’s proposed Northern Beltline questions remain unanswered (11/27/11)

ALDOT to delay construction of Northern Beltline for in-depth study of route (11/15/11)

Birmingham’s Northern Beltline will benefit only a small group (10/17/11)

Northern Beltline hearing produces few local voices (10/5/11)

Northern Beltline stimulates … questions (10/2/11)

The Northern Beltline, Urban Sprawl and You (9/26/11)

Northern Beltline route details released by Alabama Department of Transportation prior to hearings (9/22/11)

Revised Northern beltline plan for metro Birmingham wins little support from commenters (poll) (9/20/11)

Read ALDOT’s full Northern Beltline study (9/19/11)

ALDOT Releases New Study of Birmingham Northern Beltline (9/19/11)

Public comment sought on Northern Beltline in 2 hearings (8/31/11)

Birmingham’s look at Fort Wayne, Ind., should also show beltlines aren’t economic engines (8/20/11)

Alabama fish added to endangered species list (8/10/11)

Time to put the brakes on the Northern Beltline (6/23/11)

Spinning a Web (6/9/11)
“The deceptive public relations tactics of the Birmingham Business Alliance and the Coalition for Regional Transportation reveal the character of the Northern Beltline’s most ardent supporters.”

Beltline splitting family property, or taking it altogether, in northern Jefferson County (4/30/11)

Lawsuit to halt metro Birmingham’s Northern Beltline reveals deep divides among commenters (4/12/11)

Black Warrior Riverkeeper Northern Beltline lawsuit asks for halt to work, alternatives (4/12/11)

Environmental groups sue to block Northern Beltline (4/1/11)

USS Real Estate has benefited from taxpayer benevolence (3/28/11)

Tom Howard of USS Real Estate talks about largest landowner in county (3/20/11)

Ground should be broken next spring for the first construction phase (3/15/11)

Costly Northern Beltline benefits big business (2/28/11)

Does the new price tag on the Northern Beltline make it too expensive to build? (2/28/11)

OUR VIEW: New higher cost estimate for the Northern Beltline should give region’s leaders cause to reassess project to make sure it’s the best use of $4.7 billion (2/28/11)

Better use for billions than Northern Beltline (2/25/11)

Birmingham’s Northern Beltline cost estimate soars to $4.7 billion (2/23/11)

OUR VIEW: Alabamians go lobbying for federal transportation dollars — and rural areas go lacking — even as Florida’s governor says no thanks to billions from Uncle Sam (2/21/11)

No legislative roadblock to Northern Beltline, key Republican lawmaker in Washington promises (2/17/11)

Birmingham Business Alliance plans D.C. trip on key issues (2/8/11)

Time to put the brakes on the Northern Beltline (1/23/11)

Gov.-elect Robert Bentley promises decisive leadership on issues important to Birmingham (12/14/10)

Shelby’s not happy about the earmark ban (11/17/10)

OUR VIEW: Now comes the hard part as the Birmingham Business Alliance begins building a better seven-county region (9/26/10)

Group formed only to promote road, not regional transportation (8/7/10)

Northern Beltline is not an economic savior (8/1/10)

Frustrating to see road juggernaut push along 1960s-style development (7/31/10)

Efficient transit is what we need (7/25/10)

Shelby, Bachus push Northern Beltline project (6/28/10)

Catching the high-speed rail wave (6/27/10)

Don’t focus solely on road building (6/20/10)

Plan approved for Jefferson, Shelby road work through 2035 (6/9/10)

OUR VIEW: Before we get too far along in the building of the Northern Beltline, we should have a plan for what type of growth we want (5/16/10)

Birmingham-area plan would drop 40 road projects for lack of funds (4/22/10)

Alabama road projects need $4.3 billion (3/26/10)

Birmingham Business Alliance’s top lawyer talks shop (2/8/10)

League of Women Voters hears pros, cons of Northern Beltline for metro Birmingham (1/28/10)

Northern Beltline: Questions for ALDOT (1/1/10)

Northern Beltline Work Set to Begin (12/13/09)

Northern Beltline debate comes amid calls for delay, study (12/13/09)

First segment of Northern Beltline would connect 2 rural roads (12/13/09)

Northern Beltline’s fate hinges on transportation bill in Congress (12/12/09)

Critical habitat status eyed for Turkey Creek (12/5/09)

New Alabama road projects come to halt (10/11/09)

BLUEPRINT AMERICA – PBS reports on infrastructure: [VIDEO] Zombie Highways (8/11/09)

[VIDEO] Zombie Highways: How to build a Zombie Highway (8/10/09)

[VIDEO] Zombie Highways: Highway vs. Nature (8/10/09)

[VIDEO] Rep. Jim Oberstar on the transportation bill (7/22/09)

[VIDEO] Overview – America in Gridlock (10/15/08)

‘Zombie highways,’ mass transit failures: PBS ‘News Hour’ takes look at Birmingham (8/6/09)

Northern Beltline: Money drowns out reason (5/10/09)

U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby pledges federal aid for Northern Beltline project near Birmingham, AL (5/1/09)
U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby pledges federal aid for Northern Beltline_5.1.09

Beltline as it is now envisioned would endanger the Cahaba River (12/19/08)

Those with juice put on squeeze (10/26/08)

Birmingham chamber creates coalition with goal of fast-tracking Northern Beltline (10/9/08)
Birmingham chamber creates coalition_10.9.08

Northern Beltline Back in the Spotlight (Alabama Construction News – Fall 2008)

Beltline opponents want to save water, resources (12/16/07)

Dumb and Dumber (11/6/07)

Regional Transportation Plan Needs Wise Approach (9/9/07)

Sen. Shelby continues to bring home transportation bacon (9/4/03)

Can’t Get There from Here – or Can We? (FORUM for Applied Research and Policy – Summer 2001)
kulash article_Summer2001

Land rush may ensue when road’s route announced this summer (5/13/01)


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