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Victory for Alabama Coalfield Citizens (11/19/2016)

Alabama Coalfield Citizens Win with Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s Lawsuit (11/3/2016)

Mining Battles Continue along the Black Warrior (7/8/2016)

Alabama Coal: Strip Mine Proposal Halted on Mulberry Fork (8/6/2015)

Shepherd Bend Permit Not Renewed (7/1/2015)

Stop the Shepherd Bend Mine Once and For All! (6/24/2015)

In no mood to celebrate: Birmingham Water Works Board member still suspicious of mining industry even after company drops plan (6/24/2015)

Coal mining permit not renewed for Shepherd Bend (6/24/2015)

Shepherd Bend decision shows coal industry struggles, mining commission director says (6/24/2015)

Controversial Shepherd Bend mining operation canceled (6/20/2015)

Drummond Co. won’t renew mining permit for project in Walker County (6/19/2015)

Drummond Co. will not renew mining permits at Shepherd Bend (6/19/2015)

Drummond Company not renewing Shepherd’s Bend mining permit (6/19/2015)

Drummond says it will not renew controversial coal mining permit for Shepherd Bend (6/19/2015)

City of Warrior asks University of Alabama to stop Shepherd Bend Mine (1/3/2015)

Alabama Supreme Court: Jefferson County Judge will hear Birmingham appeal of Shepherd Bend mine permit (12/19/2014)

Outdoor outfitter Orvis presents Black Warrior Riverkeeper with grant at new Birmingham store (10/29/2014)

Area Riverkeeper Discusses Shepherd Bend (10/21/2014)

Opposition Mounting to Coal Mine on Black Warrior River (9/29/2014)

Shepherd Bend Mine Update: Southeast Green Radio Interview (9/3/2014)

ADEM should listen to public opposition and deny permit to Shepherd Bend Mine (8/29/2014)

ADEM holds meeting on mining near Black Warrior River (8/29/2014)

ADEM to host hearing Thursday on Shepherd Bend Mine (8/28/2014)

Public hearing set on controversial mine on Black Warrior River (8/27/2014)

ADEM sets hearing for controversial Shepherd Bend Mine on Black Warrior River for Aug 28 (7/23/2014)

Iron City Birmingham to host Father’s Day Beer Dinner with Trim Tab Brewing (6/9/2014)

American Rivers: Guest Blog by Charles Scribner (4/23/2014)

Black Warrior Riverkeeper concerns over proposed strip mine (1/20/2014)

American Rivers: Black Warrior River Mining Petition Denied in Flawed Decision (11/5/2013)

Reaction to coal mine ruling (10/29/2013)

Alabama Surface Mining Commission rejects petition by Black Warrior Riverkeeper to ban mining in Shepherd Bend area (10/28/2013)

Do you mine? Public opinion serves as final factor. (10/9/2013)

UAH Student Government Association implores UA System leaders to stop the Shepherd Bend Mine (9/25/2013)

Video of ABC 33/40 interview about Shepherd Bend Mine and the “Save Our Water” program (7/25/2013)

Widow of slain mine union leader speaks out about Alabama’s Drummond Company in Columbia (7/16/2013)

Alabama Coal Billionaire Battles Murder Suits as Prices Ebb:

Hardball on the Black Warrior River puts Birmingham on its heels (John Archibald, Birmingham News) (7/10/2013)

Protecting Our Waters (Anniston Star Editorial) (7/4/2013)

SweetWater Brewery Partners with Black Warrior Riverkeeper (7/3/2013)

Save Our Water (WVUA TV Video) (7/2/2013)

Date and time set for Mulberry mining (6/5/2013)

“And Justice for All” by Rev. Anthony Johnson (5/29/2013)

Titusville Community urges UA to Stop the Shepherd Bend Mine (5/18/2013)

Its a matter of pride. School Pride (5/15/2013)

Shepherd Bend on Mulberry Fork not a good place to mine coal (Birmingham News Opinion) (5/3/2013)

Save the Solitude of Shepherd Bend (4/25/2013)

Black Warrior River named in Top 10 Endangered Rivers (4/17/2013)

Trouble in the Water (4/17/2013)

Black Warrior River named one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers by National Environmental Group (4/17/2013)

Black Warrior River named one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers (4/17/2013)

Plight of Black Warrior River gaines national spotlight (4/17/2013)

Endangered: Black Warrior River placed at Number 7 on American Rivers list (4/17/2013)

Black Warrior River 7th Most at Risk (4/17/2013)

Earthbound’s Earthfest event pressures UA to stop the Shepherd Bend Mine (4/9/2013)

UAB Public Health Opposes Coal Mine (2/23/2013)

Student environmental groups target Shepherd Bend Mine (1/7/13)

Judge to have last word over Walker County strip mine planned near water works source (11/30/12)

Busy day for Birmingham Water Works: Utility speaks against strip mine and files appeal against another (11/28/12)

Birmingham Water Works heading to court in renewed fight against planned Walker County strip mine (11/21/12)

Big decision looms for Birmingham area drinking water (11/16/12)

Environmental group says Mulberry Fork site on Warrior River unsuitable for mines (9/27/12)

Birmingham City Council votes to oppose mine on the Mulberry Fork (9/4/12)

University of Alabama System should take stance against Shepherd Bend mining (6/12/12)

Birmingham Water Works Appeal challenging mine to be heard in Jasper (6/8/12)

Cordova, at a crossroads after tornado devastation, rethinks its options (7/29/12)

Walker County residents voice worries over planned coal mine (6/29/12)

Birmingham Water Works appeal of coal mine permit set for August (6/7/12)

[RADIO] Fight Continues Over Shepherd Bend Mine (4/18/12)

A River Ruined Through It (3/23/12)

Shepherd Bend opponents get the UA’s attention (3/14/12)

SGA votes to oppose the Shepherd Bend Mine (2/27/12)

UAB student government opposes Shepherd Bend mine (2/22/12)

Brewery opposes sale of land to mining company (2/3/12)

6,000-signature petition protesting coal mine plan delivered to UA trustees (2/2/12)

Petitioners at UAB seek to stop mine (1/12/12)

Going Green against the Shepherd Bend Mine (11/2/11)

UA students protest proposed Shepherd Bend Mine (10/26/11)

UA groups rally against proposed Shepherd Bend mine on Black Warrior River (10/25/11)

Put a stop to administration’s silence (10/25/11)

UA shouldn’t allow Shepherd Bend Mine (10/12/11)

UA Could Show Hypocrisy if System Allows Shepherd Bend Mine (10/5/11)

BWRk’s take on UA’s reply to the NAACP’s Shepherd Bend Mine opposition letter (9/25/11)

Coal mining proposition could have devastating effects on drinking water (9/15/11)

UA President Witt’s response letter to the Metro-Birmingham NAACP on Shepherd Bend (9/14/11)

Time for University of Alabama System to say no to Shepherd Bend mine (8/23/11)

Mining upheld on Black Warrior River near water intake (8/20/11)

Alabama environmental commission OKs permit for coal mine on the Mulberry Fork (8/19/11)

Appetites Growling Again for Alabama Coal (Business Alabama magazine, July 2011)

Riverkeeper speaks against Shepherd Bend Mine (4/20/11)

UA students threaten boycott of UA Services if UA leases/sells Shepherd Bend land for mining (2/2/11)

Mining company no stranger to controversy (11/21/10)

UA students warn of boycott over mine (11/16/10)

Samford students hold “teach-in” on proposed Shepherd Bend mine (11/1/10)

Panel grants permit for strip mine (10/20/10)

After panel’s OK, opponents of strip mine say they will focus on UA as decisionmaker (10/20/10)

Shepherd Bend strip mine site should be park (9/26/10)

It’s no joke; strip mine could get OK near drinking water source (9/25/10)

Citizens, students protest mine (9/17/10)

UA, UAB, other students to protest coal mine plan (9/14/10)

Shepherd Bend a shortsighted strip-mine location (9/12/10)

Proposed strip-mine is irresponsible (9/9/10)

Afraid of damage to property from strip-mining (8/26/10)

Shepherd Bend mine a threat to water source (8/20/10)

Alabama Surface Mining Commission hears foes, supporters of Warrior River strip mine (8/19/10)

Coal mine would strip University of its reputation (8/18/10)

Mining proposal splits Alabama coal town of Cordova (8/15/10)

Will mine discharge threaten Birmingham area water? (8/15/10)

ASMC plans hearing on proposed Shepherd Bend mine on Warrior River (8/1/10)

Birmingham Water Works letter targets Mulberry Fork mine permit (7/8/10)

Judge to review Walker County mining permit for its impact on water supplies (10/17/09)

The board overseeing Alabama’s environmental agency needs to review how it is handling water pollution permits for coal mines (9/28/09)

ADEM turns a blind eye to results of its actions (9/16/09)

Group challenges Alabama water quality enforcement near mines (9/13/09)

BWRk files lawsuit over ADEM permit to mining company Shepherd Bend (12/23/08)

UA mining plans upset Cordova residents (5/25/07)


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