Southern Exposure in BPL 2023

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New Southern Exposure Films Donated to all 18 Birmingham Public Library Locations

For Immediate Release: August 28, 2023

Contact: Roy L. Williams, Director of Public Relations, Birmingham Public Library, Phone: (205) 226-3746, Cell: (205) 568-0067, E-mail: [email protected]

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.—Alabama Rivers Alliance and Black Warrior Riverkeeper have partnered to donate to the Birmingham Public Library (BPL) 18 copies of the latest editions of Southern Exposure, an award-winning film series dedicated to educating the public about Alabama’s natural resources.

Each of BPL’s 18 locations now has one DVD copy of the 2022 edition of Southern Exposure, a series of documentary shorts on various Alabama environmental topics by independent filmmakers. DVDs of previous Southern Exposure editions are available at all BPL branches thanks to Alabama Rivers Alliance and Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s prior donations.

“We are appreciative of this generous donation and honored to be a resource to help educate the public about Alabama’s natural resources,” said Janine Langston, executive director of the Birmingham Public Library. “These beautifully captured short films will enhance our collection and be available for borrowing at all BPL locations.”

Created in six weeks during the summer, the 2022 Southern Exposure films celebrate special people and places in Alabama while exploring complex issues and solutions. In this collection, audiences will learn who is winning at the game of electric utility monopoly and how simple legislation and more civic engagement could create more renewable energy choices for Alabamians. Viewers will take a visually stunning journey through climate-induced extreme flooding events and learn how they are compounding the historic challenges of racism and underinvestment in two communities. Audiences will also meet some Black environmentalists shaping the modern movement in Alabama and providing long overdue awareness of the roots of the work, and they will understand the critical importance of protecting our drinking water sources through the lens of community advocates as they hold their water utility accountable.

“We are once again so excited to work with Black Warrior Riverkeeper to make sure the 2022 Southern Exposure films are available for free throughout Birmingham,” Cindy Lowry, executive director of the Alabama Rivers Alliance, said. “This collaboration helps amplify the stories and issues within our communities, and spotlights the trailblazers working to defend rivers in Alabama, enriching the heart of the Black Warrior River watershed, season after season!”

Last week, three of the Southern Exposure films were featured at the prestigious Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham. They have also been featured in dozens of film festivals across the country such as EarthX, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, World Water Film Festival, American Documentary and Animation Film Festival, Maine Outdoor Film Festival, Colorado Environmental Film Festival, DC Black Film Festival, and many more. The films were recognized with several awards including Best Advocacy Film at the World Water Film Festival, hosted by Columbia Climate School, Columbia Water Center at Columbia University.

“In addition to informing and entertaining their widespread audiences, Southern Exposure films have often catalyzed key outcomes for Alabama’s environment,” said Charles Scribner, executive director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper. “I love collaborating with the Birmingham Public Library and Alabama Rivers Alliance to share these films throughout Birmingham.”

To view Roy Williams’ photograph of Caleb West, head of the BPL Collection Management Department, Kelly Marshall, deputy director of Alabama Rivers Alliance, and Charles Scribner, executive director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper, click here.

To view the 2022 Southern Exposure DVD cover, click here.


Birmingham Public Library’s mission is to provide the highest quality library service to our citizens for life-long learning, cultural enrichment, and enjoyment. This system—with 18 locations and serving the community for over 135 years—is one of the largest library systems in the southeast. For additional information about the programs and services of the Birmingham Public Library, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @BPL.

Alabama Rivers Alliance is a statewide network of groups working to protect and restore all of Alabama’s water resources through building partnerships, empowering citizens, and advocating for sound water policy and its enforcement.

Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect and restore the Black Warrior River and its tributaries. The nonprofit organization promotes clean water for the sake of public health, recreation, and wildlife habitat throughout the Black Warrior River watershed.

Caleb West, head of the BPL Collection Management Department, Kelly Marshall, deputy director of Alabama Rivers Alliance, and Charles Scribner, executive director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper, hold the new Southern Exposure DVDs. Photo by Roy Williams, Birmingham Public Library.


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