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A few weeks ago, EPA proposed denying Alabama’s unsafe coal-ash program for issuing permits, like the ones at Plant Gorgas, Plant Miller and Plant Greene County, because the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) has failed to meet federal safety standards.

Across the Southeast, states like Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina have required utilities to clean up coal ash contamination, with over 250 million tons of hazardous coal ash being excavated from unlined pits near waterways. These materials are either recycled or disposed of in modern, lined landfills away from rivers. Even Alabama Power’s sister company, Georgia Power, has recycled or properly disposed of over 65 million tons of ash.

With enough public support, we can convince EPA to finalize this proposal and ensure that Alabamians get the same protections as other people in the Southeast. If EPA’s proposal is finalized, community groups and EPA will continue to have the authority to enforce the CCR Rule for coal ash impoundments along our water at places like Plant Gorgas, Plant Miller and Plant Greene County. Alabama Power will be accountable for its coal ash pollution.

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You can submit written comments here before October 13

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