Thank You 2023 Volunteers

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Thank You 2023 Volunteers

667 volunteers donated 3,329 service hours through Black Warrior Riverkeeper in 2023! According to The Independent Sector, the most recent estimated national dollar value of volunteer time is $31.80 per hour. Multiplied by $31.80, our volunteers’ 3,329 hours in 2023 represented a contribution of $105,862.20 to the Black Warrior River watershed!

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Perhaps you do not want to wait for the next monthly newsletter email and prefer to do something NOW! Here are two easy ways to make an immediate impact:

Support HB14 / SB45, the Safe and Healthy Outdoor Recreation Act (the SHOR Act): 

Sign the petition to stop Tuscaloosa’s chronic sewage spills:

Young warriors at a recent Black Warrior Riverkeeper volunteer cleanup.

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