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Tell Alabama Power to Move their Coal Ash

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Coal ash is the toxic waste that remains after coal is burned to product electricity.  It contains high concentrations of heavy metals including mercury, arsenic, selenium, chromium, and radium, which are hazardous to human health, wildlife, and waterways.

Three major steam power plants are located in the Black Warrior River watershed: Miller Steam Plant, Gorgas Steam Plant, and Greene County Steam Plant.  All three at one point burned coal to produce electricity, so they all have onsite waste storage pits for the resulting coal ash.

Currently, Alabama Power plans to cap-in-place all of their coal ash pits in the Black Warrior River watershed and across the state.  Cap-in-place means placing a liner over the top of the coal ash, but leaving it unlined on the bottom.  This plan does not prevent ongoing groundwater pollution or massive potential spills.

Over 30 organizations in Alabama urge Alabama Power to adopt a safer plan for its coal ash.  As much as possible should be recycled into concrete and the rest should be moved to upland, lined landfills using the best available technology standards, ensuring all people, communities, and businesses of Alabama are out of harm’s way.

You can help.  Please tell Alabama Power to move their coal ash:

For more information about coal ash, click here.

Alabama Power’s Miller Steam Plant on the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River.
Photo by Nelson Brooke. Flight provided by SouthWings.

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